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456 New Shanghai Restaurant


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"456 has long been one of our Chinatown restaurant go-to for top notch Shanghai-style food. The bottom fried “tiny” (they aren’t tiny) dumplings rank among some of the best we’ve eaten. And there are meats so tender that they could be served at a five star steakhouse. It’s also very affordable - if you all have a beer, expect to spend about $20 a person."  said  Andrew Steinthal. 

"456 New Shanghai is home to some of the city’s finest soup dumplings. Come here for the affordably priced dim sum, and make sure to order a platter of fried tiny buns, which have chewy skins and juicy dumplings nestled inside."  said Eater Staff.

Our Story Starts from China

Shanghai is located in the east of China. It has its special food flavor, which is very different from the food from other parts of China. People are captured by the aroma of famous Shanghainese food. It's very glad that we can take the food here and get more people enjoy it.

"When you drink the water, remember Shanghai"

New Shanghai Flavor